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Interesting Facts

When making the soap, you must first start with the basic (Lye) soap. After it cures to a hard stage, its then grated down as fine as possible so it can then be hand-milled. At this point is when some other invigorating ingredients are added, for instance, olive oil, vitamin E, castor oil, tea tree oil milk, honey and other skin conditioners and essential oils.

The most important ingredient in this soap is the GLYCERIN. This is not something that is added (unlike store bought cleansers), its created in this soap making process.

There is a wide variety of uses for this soap. This is an all-natural approach to achieve the same results in expensive chemical treatments. Some user comments have been "It does wonders for wrinkles", "It softens cracked heals and elbows", "It removed excess skin in psoriasis", "It reduces or eliminates acne", "It's used for dandruff control", "It will eliminate razor rash" and "It reduces the appearance of age spots or blemishes", just to name a few.

Although the effects of this soap may be felt after a shower, to get a deep, lavish experience, use this with a long, warm bath.